Hey Everyone,

This blog post I wanted to write a bit about consumption and one particular way to cut back and spend less money in the long run.

Today I am going to be talking about using your tools or material goods for their entire lifespan. I am a huge proponent is using a good until it no longer serves it’s function. As more and more people are taking time to travel and really living their lives to the fullest money isn’t always on their sides. The idea I am proposing really goes hand in hand with this lifestyle and I believe it is for the better.

Buying long lasting goods that will serve you for a long time instead of re-buying over and over will save you time, money and attention.  There is a good feeling you get when you have used a tool until you can’t any longer. You get a feeling of satisfaction and a feeling of gratitude that it served you for so long. My personal opinion is that it is becoming a style as well. These worn and distressed looks are really popular and people are using these trends to enhance their appearance. So not only is it beneficial for your bank account and values but it also becoming a fashion trend as a byproduct.

I just wanted to share this idea that has been catching on lately and I hope you enjoyed this quick read.

Thanks for reading,


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